“Kau mo e ‘Otua, ‘e ikuna”

Saame 139: 5 & 6 – “Kuo ke kapui au ‘i ‘ao mo tu’a; Pea kuo ke hili kiate au ho nima. Ko e ‘ilo pehe ‘oku fakaofo fau kia kita; ‘Oku hopo hake, ‘oku ‘ikai a’usia.

Kaveinga ngaue ki he ta’u 2021.



Principal - Rev Dr 'Asinate Samate

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Designed for Girls

Queen Salote’s expertise in the education of girls is founded on our 95 year association with our students, constant innovation in curriculum and wellbeing measures and an educational methodology based on the Bible.

Our way of educating takes into account the intellectual, physical, emotional, social and spiritual dimensions of our girls.

Co-curricular Activities

We have a robust Co-curricular Program at Queen Salote College that  inspires girls to strengthen existing talents and discover new areas of passion.

Students develop enduring life and leadership skills, and learn to be resilient and adventurous in spirit. 

Spiritual Life

Designed for Girls